GIZMO was abandoned on the mean streets of Tenerife when he was one year old, and spent some time in the Accion-del-Sol refuge, before being adopted by Nikki and Richard. The first step on his meteoric rise to stardom came when he took over the role of spokes-mutt for Nikki’s Blog: TenerifeDogs

One of his first tasks was to be the poster pooch for Accion-del-Sol’s educational program. This involved visiting local schools, telling the children about the plight of stray mutts in Tenerife, and teaching them how to look after their pets properly. Before you could say “wag a tail” he’d been signed up by Island Connections newspaper to be their intrepid news hound, doggedly sniffing out the breaking news and giving the pooch perspective in his regular column: ‘Life According to Gizmo (It’s a Dog’s Life)’.

After graduating with a diploma from the Star Agility class, he decided to share his story with a wider public by enlisting Nikki and Richard to ghost-write his first book: ‘Nobody’s Poodle’. He also appears in Somebody’s Doodle. You can follow him on his Facebook page: GizmoSpokesMutt Besides his many other accomplishments Gizmo is an expert in woofing, sniffing, digging, chasing cats, siestas, and looking cute.

Gizmo is now the inspiration for Nikki Attree’s cartoons.

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