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Gizmo’s thoughts about social media 

I have invited my pooch Gizmo to discuss his views about social media…

I’ve been using social media too much lately going on Facebook for just five minutes, and before I know it, an hour has gone by. I realise that I can spend more time on Facebook and Twitter, than concentrating on waiting for the next bird to fly over my garden or for a lizard to dash up the wall, you know important stuff, that dogs need to spend time concentrating on.

Social media is an amazing distraction, and I’ve met some very interesting woofers on Twitter and Facebook, but ultimately it eats up your valuable time and does something weird to your brain. I feel my attention span is shortening. I used to be able to stare at my human for at least 5 minutes to convince them to give me part of their sandwich but that level of concentration has become gradually more difficult.

I’ve been told that in the old days you used to be able to trot out through your front door, for a walk and you didn’t have a device in your paw that could tell you what was happening at that precise moment. Wow, what freedom for your furry brain cells. When it comes down to it, I don’t need to know every time some woofer pal has eaten their dinner. A selfie taken with their dog bowl in some kitchen somewhere can get repetitive, plus makes me very hungry. 

I’m not saying I would like to go back to the old days and no internet, and as I said I’ve met some wonderful intelligent, creative woofers online. It’s just all this information, news, etc being instantly available can be exhausting and we don’t need to be connected all the time. It’s ok not to post every day. I think I’ll spend more time sniffing the grass and just thinking deep thoughts…

I’m Nobody’s Poodle

But I’m Somebody’s Doodle,

And I woof therefore I am…” 

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