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I started drawing dog cartoons about a year ago, most of them include my pooch Gizmo, a rescue doodle, you can find out more about his furriness if you go to this link.

Last year I was preparing for an exhibition Rescue Me’. I wanted to continue to include dogs in my artwork. So in collaboration with my writer husband Richard Attree, we decided to start on our third dog book which will include my cartoons and illustrations – The title of the book will be ‘Shaggy Dog Tails’ – I woof Therefore I am. A collection of short stories.

You can find our first two novels ‘Nobody’s Poodle’ and Somebody’s Doodle on Amazon.

Now as we are in #lockdown the cartoons have helped me cope with the strict isolation that the Spanish Government has imposed on us ( I live in Tenerife). I certainly don’t want to produce any art that is too depressing. I have had positive feeback from twitter and facebook so I thought I would start to put all my cartoons onto one website .

I hope my cartoons bring a smile to your face 🙂

You can join me on facebook or wooftasticbooks twitter page

The Cartoon below is of Betty who belongs to Beverley Cuddy the editor of ‘Dogs Today Magazine’. Betty is keeping update with the current doggy news.

Betty likes nothing better than relaxing on the sofa with a copy of Dogs Today Magazine – Leave the rushing around and bouncing off walls to more energetic dogs’


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